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U nastavku pročitajte intervju lidera benda Emir & Frozen Camels, Emira Bukovice za muzički portal are proud to bring you an interview with this years Turkvizyon entrants from Bosnia & Herzegovina. This is the first interview that Emir Bukovica the front man of Emir & Frozen Camels has given to an English language website, we hope you enjoy it.


You were the first act to be announced as taking part in the contest and at the time Bosnia & Herzegovina were still out of Eurovision, did that put pressure on the band?

In that time  pressure was only because of bigger responsibility. Bosnia-Herzegovina was out of Eurovision and all eyes in country were staring in my band. People started to compare these two song contests and we had two opposite sides. Very soon I publicly announced that we as band support both song contests and pressure was a little bit smaller. Now we see that Bosnia-Herzegovina is back to Eurovision and I’m happy because of that. Music shouldn’t be reason of any dissensions, it should be exactly reason for opposite things: unity, peace & love

When did you find out that you would be going to Turkvizyon?

My recording label Hayat Production as part of TV Hayat which represent Bosnia-Herzegovina at Turkvizyon asked me to write song and prepare my band Emir & Frozen Camels for this song contest about 2 months ago. As leader of rock band I was a little bit suspicious until I found out how big and significant Turkvizyon really is. When you have chance to represent your country and your song in front of more than 300 million people it’s chance that you don’t say “No”.

For those who don’t know Emir & Frozen Camels (EFC) well, how would you describe your music?

Easiest way for those who don’t know anything about EFC band would be to go to our official website ( ) and read about it. In short we are rock band I founded in year 1998 in Florida, USA. Later I returned to Europe and my home country Bosnia-Herzegovina. We have 4 albums behind us, many concerts, tours, music collaborations and awards. We won MTV music award and represented our region on huge “FM4 Frequency music festival”, then EFC has won twice the regional annual music award, the “Davorin” in the category “The best international music collaboration” for cooperation with Cliff Williams of AC/DC and “The best urban and rock song of the year” for the song “Sarajevo, New York, Roma.” Second album “Znam” was included in the Top 10 “The best Albums of the Year” as selected by the Croatian music critics in Croatia. In 2010 EFC received the regional music award “Indexi” in category for “The best Rock’n'Roll Album of the Year” for third album “No pasaran”. EFC also received an award for “The best Album of alternative rock music” by the choice of radio stations in the region. Etc. etc.

Your song is called “Ters Bosanka” can you tell us more about it?

Version of this song that we will play at Turkvizyon 2013 we named “BOSNALI KIZ”. In official announcement we described it as unpretentious and cheerful modern rock song with recognizable Emir & Frozen Camels sound. The guest singer in the song is my friend and popular Bosnian pop singer Mirza Šoljanin.

Have you listened to the other acts songs, if so what did you think of them?

I have listened few other songs and I think they are good songs. I don’t really see other songs as my competition or “music enemies” because I personally think that music is not athletic discipline or apple, pear, potatoes,… to be measured by some unit of measure. It’s art and we all have different tastes. Every music author at Turkvizyon did his/her the best to write the song and I have respect for all of them.

The contest takes place this week, what are you most looking forward to?

Honestly, I’m looking forward to meet some new friends, new colleagues and maybe some people who can help us reach some new audience and markets. I’m very interested to present music of Emir & Frozen Camels for some new markets because I think that music needs to do that. Needs to tear down all barriers and borders. The most important thing for me is fact that we really have very good song and music video which already took over radio and tv stations in our region. Behind us is well-organized TV Hayat and in case we do good at Turkvizyon 2013 I know they would be very able to organize next Turkvizyon 2014 in Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Finally, do you have a message for the readers of


Since Holiday season is behind the corner I wish all your readers Happy Holidays in my name and name of my band Emir & Frozen Camels!

You can listen to Emir & Frozen Camels song for Turkvizyon below, and we wish them the best of luck at Turkvizyon.


By Anthony Granger




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